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Faculty and Areas of Specialization Edit

Arola, Kristin Assistant Rhetorics of New Media and Design, Composition Pedagogy, Multimedia Authoring, Digital Technology & Culture, Feminist Theory
Condon, Bill Professor , , , ,
Eddy, Robert Associate ; ; Prison writing and restorative justice;
Ericsson, Patricia Assistant Digital rhetorics, Composition studies, Digital technology and culture, Critical technology studies, Technical communication, Rhetorics of sustainability
Kennedy, George Professor ; ; ;
Monroe, Barbara Associate Indigenous rhetoric of the Plateau Indians; cultural and class differences in rhetoric, learning styles, and interactive patterns; critical literacies and pedagogies, online and off
Villanueva, Victor Professor , , , , , ,

Graduates Edit

2006 Al Khalili, Raja Assistant Professor, Department of English Language and Literature Hashemite University, Zarqa, Jordan
Olson, Wendy Assistant Professor, Department of English Washington State University, Vancouver
Schnakenberg, Matt Assistant Professor Oregon Institue of Technology
Theile, Verena North Dakota State University
2005 Blankenship, Bethany Assistant Professor, Department of English University of Montana Western, Dillon

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