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  • Bawarshi, Anis - Rhetorical theory, genre theory, composition studies.
  • Dillon, George L. - Rhetoric and composition, linguistics, discourse analysis.
  • Guerra, Juan - Ethnography of literacy, composition, Chicano studies.
  • Moore, Colette - English language studies, history of the English language, late medieval literature.
  • Motha, Suhanthie - Critical applied linguistics, race and racialization, linguistic minority identity, teacher knowledge, and anticolonial epistemologies in English language teaching.
  • Rai, Candice - Rhetorical studies, public rhetorics, ethnography, rhetoric and composition, service learning and engaged scholarship.
  • Silberstein, Sandra - Discourse analysis, sociolinguistics, language acquisition, social theory.
  • Robert Stevick (Emeritus) - Old English language/literature, Middle English language/literature, English language history.
  • Stygall, Gail - Composition theory, discourse analysis and stylistics, the rhetoric of the law, rhetorics of the disciplines, gender and language issues.
  • Webster, John - Composition/Rhetoric Interests: Renaissance literature, literary theory, linguistics, rhetoric.

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