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Faculty Areas of Specialization Edit

  • Al-Tabaa, Esther - Professional writing and rhetoric
  • Baca, Isabel - Rhetoric and professional communication
  • Bronner, Donna M. - Creative writing, composition and rhetoric
  • Brunk-Chavez, Beth -
  • Carter, James B. - English Education; Sequential Art Narratives; Literacy; New, Multimodal, Visual and Critical Literacies, Young Adult Literature
  • Cason, Robert E. - Business Communication, English Grammar and Usage, Legal Writing, Early American Literature
  • Clark, Carol Lea - Composition and Rhetoric, Writing and Technology, Business Communication, Creative Non-fiction
  • 20thC Rhetoric and Composition History, Theory, and Pedagogy; Cultural Studies; First-Year and Professional Writing Curricula Development; Community Based Teaching and Learning
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Graduates Edit

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