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Dyehouse, Jeremiah Assistant Scientific and technical writing, argumentative writing, writing in electronic environments.
Miles, Libby Associate Rhetoric and social action; institutional discourse; interdisciplinary writing, especially maritime writing; travel and adventure writing; peer tutoring.
Owens, Kim Hensley Assistant Rhetorical and composition theory, ethnography, scientific and technical writing, writing for community service, rhetorics of reproduction, feminist theory, FYC
Pennell, Michael Assistant Writing in electronic environments, business communications, argumentative and persuasive writing.
Reynolds, Nedra Professor Rhetorical and feminist theories; geography; composition pedagogy and cultural studies; portfolios.
Schwegler, Robert Professor Writing about culture, scientific and technical writing, composition theory and pedagogy.
Shamoon, Linda K Professor Writing with electronic technology; public writing; methods and theories of writing across curriculum; freshman composition

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