Program Home: Composition: Literacy, Pedagogy, and Rhetoric at Pittsburgh Edit

Faculty and Areas of Specialization Edit

Bartholomae, David Professor Composition theory and pedagogy
Bialotosky, Don Professor British Romantic literature, rhetorical theory, Bakhtin, composition studies
Bianco, Jamie Skye Assistant
Carr, Jean Ferguson Associate Composition, women’s studies,19th-century American constructions of literacy and letters
Carr, Stephen L Associate William Blake, printmaking, interrelations of the arts [1]
Coles, Nicholas Associate Working class literature, the politics of literacy, 19th-century British culture
Enoch, Jessica Assistant Rhetorical education, feminist rhetorics and pedagogies, histories of rhetoric and composition, literacy studies.
Flannery, Kathryn Professor Literacy studies, early modern British cultural studies, women’s studies
Kameen, Paul Associate Pedagogy and composition theory, Greek rhetoric, contemporary poetics
Salvatori, Mariolina Associate Hermeneutics, composition, literacy, pedagogy, transactions of knowledge, the relations between teachers, students, and texts that different theories of reading make possible
Seitz, James Associate Composition, literature, literacy, and education

Graduates Edit

2008 Lockhart, Tara Assistant Professor of English San Francisco State University
Stahr, Margaret Director of the Writing Center Catawba College
2007 Choseed, Malkiel Assistant Professor of English/Reading/Communication Onondaga Community College
Carillo, Ellen Gerber Assistant Professor, Writing Coordinator U of Connecticut - Waterbury
Glascott, Brenda M Assistant Professor CSU - San Bernardino
Hanley, Kirstin M Assistant Professor of English SUNY - Fredonia

Notes Edit

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