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Faculty and Areas of SpecializationEdit

Carter, Christopher Assistant Critical pedagogy, composition in the corporate university, activist rhetoric, and new media theory
Hobbs, Catherine Professor History of rhetoric, rhetorical theory, language, autobiography, visual theory, literacy Also member the Women's Studies & Liberal Studies faculties, associate with History of Science program
Mair, David Associate Research methods, pedagogy, information technology, technical writing and scientific discourse
Welch, Kathleen E Professor Gender, Technology and Rhetoric/Composition; classical rhetorical theory, twentieth-century rhetoric and composition theory, current technology and literacy studies, feminist theory, and historicized rhetoric

Graduates: Edit

Adams, Mary Assistant Professor of English University of Louisiana - Monroe
Berzsenyi, Christyne Assistant Professor of Composition Rhetoric and Literacy Pennsylvania State University - Wilkes-Barre
Brown, Joey Assistant Professor of English Missouri Southern State College
Campbell, Danny Assistant Professor of English Chowan College
Doughty, Amy Assistant Professor of English Lake Superior State University
Hannah, Leslie Assistant Dean, Associate Professor Kansas State University
Hobbs, June Associate Professor of American Studies Gardner-Webb College
Marzluf, Phillip P Assistant Professor of English Kansas State University
Reynolds, Fred Schott Professor of English and Dean of the Humanities and Arts City College of New York
Roussell, Bridget Assistant Professor of Composition, Rhetoric, and Literacy Florida Atlantic University
Thompson, Mark Professor and Director of Composition California State University, Stanislaus

Notes: Edit

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