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Baron, Dennis Professor Technologies and communication; language policy: the English-only movement; language legislation and linguistic rights; minority languages and dialects; language and gender; language reform and the history of the English language.
Frost, Jim Visual Rhetoric, Environmental Rhetoric, Information Design
Hawhee, Debra Associate History of Rhetoric, classical rhetoric, rhetorical theory, Kenneth Burke, body studies
Hawisher, Gail Professor
Mortensen, Peter Associate History of rhetoric and literacy in the United States and the ethnographic study of literacy in institutions
Prendergast, Catherine Professor Rhetoric, Literacy, English Education, Disability Studies, Critical Race Theory
Prior, Paul Associate Connections among writing, reading, talk, learning, and disciplinarity
Schaffner, Spencer Assistant Teacher training, new media composition, rhetorical theory, environmental rhetorics

Graduates: Edit

Baldridge, Elizabeth
Illinois Central College
Buell, Marcia Northeastern Illinois University
Ching, Kory Lawson San Francisco State University
Cole, Caroline  University of California -Berkeley
Cummins, Sunday National-Louis University
Eubanks, Phil
Northern Illinois University
Evans, Kathy
Bridgewater State College
Gossett, Katherine  Old Dominion University
Gruber, Sibylle Northern Arizona University
Gunter, Kim Appalachian State University
Hocks, Mary E. Georgia State University
Hogan, Maureen
University of Alaska - Fairbanks
Hudson, John University of Houston-Downtown
Lamanna, Carrie Colorado State University
Lamos, Steve University of Colorado - Boulder
Leander, Kevin Vanderbilt University
Lugo, Tom
University of San Francisco
Lunsford, Karen
University of California - Santa Barbara
Maor, Faye Spencer
Florida A & M University
Massey, Lance
Bowling Green State University
Moyer, Guy
University of Maryland - University College
Ose, Kerry
Publishers Weekly
Owens, Kim Hensley
University of Rhode Island
Purdy, James P.
Duquesne University
Rohan, Li University of Michigan - Dearborn
Roozen, Kevin
Auburn University
Sheridan-Rabideau, Mary
University of Wyoming
Shipka, Jody
University of Maryland - Baltimore County
Simutis, Joyce
Childrens' Book Author
Solberg, Janine
University of Massachusetts - Amherst
Van Ittersum, Derek
Kent State University
Waddoups, Greg
Western Governors University
Walker, Joyce R.
Western Michigan University
Wan, Amy
Queens College, CUNY
Webb, Tricia
Arizona State University
Williamson, Jo Kennesaw State University

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