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Name Position Interests Notes
Beale, Walter Linguistics, rhetoric, and the theory of discourse
Chiseri-Strater, Elizabeth Associate Ways that ethnographic enquiry enhances literacy research Also on faculty of Women's & Gender Studies Program
Littlejohn, Sarah Rhetorical theory, food studies, composition theory, Writing Center theory, Writing Program administration, and Writing Across the Curriculum
Myers, Nancy Associate Rhetoric and composition studies with an emphasis on the history of the discipline
Ritter, Kelly Associate Composition Studies and Writing Program Administration, with special interests in history of composition as a discipline, basic writing studies, theory and practice of writing programs, and creative writing pedagogical theory and practice in graduate programs/graduate teacher training
Roskelly, Hephzibah Professor Composition theory and practice , rhetorical theory, and American literature with special interests in pedagogy, feminist theory, and approaches to reading
Yarbrough, Stephen R Professor Critical and rhetorical theory and in American rhetorical history, with special interests in Colonial American rhetoric and in neo-pragmatic theory

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