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Atwill, Janet M Professor Greek rhetoric in antiquity; critical and rhetorical theory, writing, and histories of rhetoric
Benson, Kirsten F Relationship between public rhetoric and the establishment of American educational policies, and on how institutional contexts affect students’ opportunities to learn.
Dumas, Bethany Kay Professor Language variation, discourse analysis, and language in judicial process, especially jury instructions and product warnings PhD and JD
Fishman, Jenn Assistant Rhetoric, writing, and performance; from historical rhetorics to contemporary writing research; publications examine different aspects of performance and writing in both the long eighteenth century and the present day
Gold, David Assistant History of rhetoric, rhetorical theory, and composition pedagogy; voices of marginalized rhetors and the intersections between literacy and civic action; how minority, female, working-class, and first-generation college students have used their rhetorical education in public and professional spheres
Hirst, Russell Associate Style and document design for scientific and technical communication
Keene, Michael L Professor Business, technical, and professional writing; Rhetoric, Writing, and Linguistics.
Leki, Ilona Professor Second language writing, academic literacy development among bilingual students, and the literacy experiences of English learners
Rieff, Mary Jo Associate Audience, rhetorical genre theory, critical ethnography, and writing in the disciplines

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