Program Home: Rhetoric, Composition, and the Teaching of English - PhD at U of Arizona Edit

Faculty Areas of Specialization: Edit

  • Abraham, Matthew: political rhetoric, Israel-Palestine conflict
  • Baca, Damian: Chican@ rhetoric & poetics, comparative technologies of writing in Mesoamerica/Later America, globalization, colonial world system, subaltern studies
  • Kimme Hea, Amy C.: articulation theory, hypertext, www, new media, professional writing, professionalization
  • McAllister, Ken: early history of Western rhetorics, rhetorics of technology, computer game studies
  • Miller, Tom: rhetorical theory and history and the teaching of writing
  • Miller-Cochran, Susan: instructional technology, L2 writing, labor practices in writing programs, WPA
  • Ramirez, Cristina: feminist rhetorics, archives
  • Troutman, Stephanie: educational policies, curriculum and pedagogy, film, media, and youth discourses on issues of identity
  • Warnock, John: theories of composition, literacy studies, literary nonfiction, professional writing

Affiliated Faculty: Edit

  • Cardenas, Maritza (English): US Central Americans, US American ethnicities, Latina/o cultural productions, identity and subject formation, popular culture
  • Licona, Adela (English): cultural, gender, race, and sexuality studies, visual culture, rhetoric, critical theory, social justice media, community literacies, action-oriented research, borderlands studies, environmental justice, place-based and feminist pedagogy
  • Mapes, Aimee (Writing Program): literacy theory, composition studies, sociocultural theories of learning, student development theory, qualitative methodology, discourse analysis
  • Rodrigo, Rochelle "Shelley" (Writing Program): technological facilitation of teaching and learning
  • Tardy, Christine (English Applied Linguistics, Writing Program): second language writing, genre and discourse studies, English for Academic Purposes (EAP)/Writing in the Disciplines (WID), the politics and policies of the English language, particularly in institutional contexts

Emeritx: Edit

  • Enos, Theresa
  • Hall, Anne-Marie
  • Warnock, Tillie

Graduates: Edit

2004 J.D. Applen Associate Professor of English

University of Central Florida

1997 Phyllis M. Ryder Assistant Professor of Writing The George Washington University

Notes: Edit

Rhetoric Review is edited by Theresa Enos with help from RCTE graduate students.

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