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The RPI program emphasizes the study of the relationship between communication and technology.

Faculty and Areas of SpecializationEdit

Bennett, Audrey Associate Theory and research on the design of images for culturally-specific and cross-cultural communication MFA
Deery, June Associate Media studies; television and new media; advertising and culture; popular culture; utopian literature; literature and science.
Esrock, Ellen Associate Cognitive/neuropsychological approaches to literature and visual art; theory of literature; theory and history of photography; modern and contemporary literature; women writers.
Fernheimer, Janice Assistant Rhetorical theory; history of rhetoric; Jewish rhetorical theory and history; Perelman Studies; nineteenth-century African-American rhetoric; Holocaust representation; rhetoric of the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict; literacy, technology, and writing pedagogy; archival research methods; nineteenth and twentieth century African-American and Jewish literature.
Freier, Nathan G Assistant Children's technology; value sensitive design; human-computer interaction; human-robot interaction; social and moral development; cross-cultural impact of information technology.
Godoy, Carlos Assistant Social-psychological consequences of human interaction with media; health communication; message framing; developmental factors in risk-taking; modeling realistic personality in virtual agents; designing characters for video games; pedagogical agents; interactive media as an unobtrusive behavioral measure; socially optimized learning in virtual environments.
Gordon, Tamar Associate Religion and media; ethnographic methods; discourse analysis; documentary theory; visual culture; themed environments; South Pacific and U.S.
Grice, Roger Clinical Associate Information usability; human-computer interaction; communicating on the WWW; usability testing and evaluation; analysis of interactive interfaces; effective teaching and learning in the virtual classroom; designing the total user experience.
Haskins, Ekaterina Associate Rhetorical theory and history, visual rhetoric, and rhetorics of public memory and national identity.
Lewis, Barbara Clinical Associate Composition theory and research; writing center theory and research; theory and practice of peer tutoring; the function of writing in specific disciplines, especially in engineering design.
Miyamoto, Paul Clinical Associate Visual communication design theory and practice; exploration of paint-based medium as an expressive art form. MFA
Odell, Lee Professor Composition theory and research; integrating visual and verbal information; writing in nonacademic settings; writing in engineering; rethinking literacy; education reform.
Search, Patricia Associate Visual design theory and practice; interaction design and multimedia art; computer animation and hypermedia interface design; indigenous knowledge and interaction design; multiliteracy models for intercultural communication.
Whitburn, Merrill Professor History and teaching of technical communication; history of rhetoric; rhetoric bibliography; history of English studies.
Zappen, James P Professor Contemporary rhetoric, digital rhetoric, and the design of web-based information systems

Graduates Edit

From the RPI site:

2007 Potts, Lisa Assistant Professor of English Old Dominion University
2006 Slattery, Shaun Assistant Professor of English DePaul University
2005 Martin, Virginia S
Roy, Debopriyo Associate Professor of Technical Communication and Usability University of Aizu, Japan
2004 Davis, Jennifer Estava Singapore
Murphy, Maureen
2000 Gill, Sally
1998 Boese, Christine R CNN Headline News
1997 Britt, Elizabeth Northeastern University
1996 Metzler, Maribeth S
1995 LaDuc, Linda M
1990 Dombrowski, Paul M Professor of English University of Central Florida
1988 Sullivan, Dale

Professor of English

North Dakota State University (previously at Michigan Tech, U of Nebraska-Kearney, Northern Illinois U., U of MN)
1985 Clark, Gregory D Professor of English Brigham Young University

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