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Benson, Thomas
Browne, Steven
Canagarajah, Suresh Professor Language learning
Doyle, Richard Professor English; science, technology, and society
Eberly, Rosa Associate
Gilyard, Keith Professor
Glenn, Cheryl Professor
Hogan, Michael
Johnstone, Christopher
Nealon, Jeffrey Professor Literary and cultural theory; contemporary American literature and culture
Olson, Jon Assistant Writing center, community literacy and civic engagement through public scholarship Director, Center for Excellence in Writing
Selzer,John (Jack) Professor Rhetoric and composition; rhetoric in technical and scientific communities; Kenneth Burke Associate Dean for Undergrad Studies
Squier, Susan Professor Cultural studies of science and medicine, feminist theory, modern literature and culture, disability studies, animal studies, and graphic narrative Women's Studies, English, and Science and Technology Studies
Stark, Ryan Assistant Seventeenth-century rhetoric, with specific interests in religion, science, and style.
You, Xiaoye Assistant Rhetorical histories and theories; composition theories and practice; comparative rhetoric; second language writing English and Asian Studies

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