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Faculty and Areas of Specialization: Edit

Braun, Catherine Assistant Digital media, literacy, film, professional writing, disability studies Marion campus
Brueggemann, Brenda Professor Pedagogy, qualitative research, literacy, rhetoric, deaf and disability studies Associate Faculty: Women's Studies and Comparative Studies; Coordinator, Interdisciplinary Program in Disability Studies; Faculty Leader, American Sign Language Program
Buehl, Jonanthan rhetoric of science, visual rhetoric, technical communication, business communication, rhetoric and composition
Cherry, Roger Associate History of rhetoric, rhetorical theory, composition research, and writing evaluation
Delagrange, Susan Assistant Digital Media and Visual Rhetoric, Writing Technologies, Feminist Rhetoric, Composition Studies, Teaching with Technology, and Business and Professional Communication Mansfield campus
DeWitt, Scott Associate Composition and Digital Media Studies Director of First-Year Writing; Director of the Digital Media Project
Fredal, James Associate History and Theory of Rhetoric, Classical Rhetoric
Graff, Harvey Professor Comparative social history, history of literacy Professor of English and History
Halasek, Kay Associate Composition theory, history, and pedagogy, and rhetorical theory
Hesford, Wendy Associate Rhetorical theory; visual rhetoric; composition theory, human rights literature and film; critical pedagogy; autobiography criticism; transnational feminist studies
Johnson, Nan Professor History of rhetoric, theory of rhetoric, and composition theory
Keller, Daniel
McCorkcle, Warren Jr. Assistant Rhetorical theory, digital media studies, visual culture Marion campus
Moss, Beverly Associate Composition theory and criticism, literacy theories and practices, qualitative research methodologies, basic writing.
Parente, Cassandra Assistant Marion campus
Royster, Jackie Professor
Selfe, Cynthia Professor How literacy values and practices in digital environments shape, and have been shaped by historic, economic, social, cultural, material, educational, and personal factors, computer uses in educational settings Distinguished Humanities Professor
Skinner, Carolyn
Ulman, H. Lewis Professor Digital media, literature and environment studies, and rhetorical theory, history and criticism Director of Digital Media Studies
Weiser, Elizabeth Assistant Rhetorical theory, research methods, argument, textual analysis, publishing, and writing style.

Graduates: Edit

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