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Faculty Areas of Specialization: Edit

Almjeld, Jen Assistant Rhetoric, Technology, Gender, and Identity
Brown, Stuart C Professor Rhetoric and Composition, Rhetorical Theory, Creative Nonfiction, Business and Technical Communication, Writing Program Administration
Burnham, Christopher Professor Composition Pedagogy, Rhetorical Theory, Writing Program Administration, Writing Across the Curriculum, Creative Nonfiction, Literature
Sheppard, Jennifer Assistant Multimedia Development, Technical and Professional Communication, Workplace Studies, Digital Games for Learning
Thatcher, Barry Associate Rhetoric and Composition, Technical and Professional Communication
Torres, Mónica Associate American Studies, Border Studies, Chicano/a Literature & Culture
Treon, Phil Assistant Technical and Professional Communication
Valentine, Kathryn Assistant Composition and Literacy Studies
Wojahn, Patti Professor Technical, Scientific, and Professional Communication; Technology and Communication; Document Planning and Testing: Usability; Small Group Communication and Collaboration; Writing in the Disciplines

Graduates: Edit

Year Name Position Place
Year Name Position Place

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