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  • Boehm, Beth A. - Scholarly interests include narrative theory, rhetorical theory, intersections between composition studies and literary studies; postmodern and Victorian narratives.
  • Cross, Geoffrey A. - Group Writing (incl. Collective Mind, Publications Management, Social Cognition, Ethics; Architectural Influences, Channel Choice, Conflict and Negotiation, Dialogism), Visual Design, Ethnographic Research Methods, Media Interaction, Business and Technical Communication, Writing Across the Curriculum/in the Disciplines, Stylistics, Advanced & Intermediate Composition, Computer-Assisted Composition Pedagogy
  • Horner, Bruce - Relationships between the globalizing English, the globalizing economy, the U.S. “English Only” movement, and composition studies; labor, class, and composition; histories, theories, and pedagogies of basic writing; critical forms of literacy ethnography; the politics of literacy instruction; the cultural study of musics.
  • Journet, Debra - Rhetoric of science. Narrative theory. Technical and scientific communication. Science and literature. Narrative and gaming. Multimodal Composition. Research methodologies in rhetoric and composition. First-year composition. Modern British literature.
  • Kopelson, Karen - Rhetoric and writing studies, the teaching of writing, critical theory and cultural studies--especially feminisms and queer theory
  • Mattingly, J. Carol - 19th-century rhetoric, especially that of 19th-century US Women. Writing Center Studies.
  • Rosner, Mary I. - Rhetoric, Victorian Studies. More Specific Interests in Rhetoric of Science, Victorian Travel, Feminism and Science, Victorian Insanities (aka "Those Crazy Victorians"), Visual Rhetoric, and Classical Rhetoric
  • Williams, Bronwyn T. - Literacy, Popular Culture, and Pedagogy; Literacy and Identity; Creative Nonfiction and the "Personal" in writing; Cross-Cultural Literacy Practices
  • Wolfe, Joanna - Writing in the Disciplines; Human-Computer Interaction; Gender studies; Technical writing; Collaborative writing; Sociolinguistics; Computer-supported collaborative learning; Digital libraries

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