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Bowie, Jennifer User-centered design, web 2.0 media–especially podcasting–feminist research, web design, and research in technical communication and related fields.
Burmester, Beth Writing Program Administration with an emphasis on writing centers; Histories of Rhetoric and Composition, with an emphasis on Classical Rhetoric and 19th century American Rhetorics; Composition Theory and Pedagogy; and the study of women in the rhetorical tradition.
Gaillet, Lynee History of rhetoric and modern composition theory
Gu, Baotong Technology theories, writing technology development, technology transfer, digital literacy, cross cultural communication, content management, etc.
Hocks, Mary

Digital rhetoric, composition theory and practice, multimedia composition, and cultural rhetorical studies of women, science and technology

Lamb, Mary
Lopez, Elizabeth
Pullman, George Theoretical interrelations of rhetoric and hermeneutics, especially as they pertain to the social, political, and pedagogical configurations of rhetoric and literary studies in the departments of English
Singer, Marti Composition and basic writing, teacher beliefs and reflective practice in the teaching of writing and literature, training techniques for graduate studentspreparing for the professorate, and the psychological influences on writing style, process, and development
Snow, Malinda Broad interests, centering on eighteenth-century studies.
Zeigler, Mary Linguistics, English language as an expression and a reflection of the American culture.

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