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Coxwell-Teague, Deborah Associate Prof, Director of FYC Composition, multiple literacies,
Fleckenstein, Kristie S. Associate Prof Materiality, visual literacy, feminist theory, and composition pedagogy
Lathan, Rhea Literacy studies, access to post secondary education for ‘under represented’ students, "the intellectualactivities of community based African American people” (from the FSU newsletter)
Neal, Michael Assistant Prof A large-scale study of first-year composition programs across the country; ways students and teachers negotiate and construct authority; multi-media composition; digital assessment; and connections between writing assessments, 21st century literacies, and composing technologies .
Wells, Jennifer

Reading-Writing Center and FSU Digital Studio coordinator writing center development in post-secondary and secondary education; theories of motivation and writing centers; knowledge transfer, especially from high school to college; reading; creative nonfiction in composition; the rhetoric of space and place.

Yancey, Kathleen Professor, Director of Graduate Program Her research focuses on composition studies generally; on writing assessment, especially print and electronic portfolios; and on the intersections of culture, literacy and technologies.

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