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Faculty Areas of Specialization: Edit

  • Blair, Kris - Gender and Technology, Technological Literacy and Faculty Development, Online Teaching and Learning, Digital Portfolios, Electronic Communication Across the Curriculum, Community Literacy
  • Gebhardt, Richard -
  • Nelson-Beene, Donna - Writing program administration, writing pedagogies, the teaching of basic and developmental writing, writing assessment.
  • Nickoson-Massey, Lee - composition pedagogy, writing assessment, community-based literacies, feminism and composition
  • Wood, Sue Carter - Composition history, rhetorical history, the history of writing instruction, women's rhetorics and rhetorical traditions.

Graduates: Edit

2009 Heather Fester Assistant Professor and WAC Director Lincoln University in Jefferson, Missouri
2009 Elizabeth Fleitz Assistant Professor of English Southeast Missouri State University in Cape Girardeau
2009 Amie Caroline Wolf Senior Lecturer Ohio State University
2008 Jennifer Marie Almjeld Assistant Professor New Mexico State University
2008 Florence Elizabeth Bacabac Assistant Professor Dixie State College of Utah

Notes: Edit

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